War Memorials



They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Christ with All Saints’ contains three memorials to those killed in WW1


“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” St. John XV 13

Herbert Andrews, Harry Bailey, Albert E. Baxter, Arthur Beattie, Thomas Beech, William E. Beswick, Fred Birchall, Fred Birchanall, Samuel Birchanall, John Bleakley, Edward Booth, Samuel Booth, James Boulton, William Boulton, Charles Bower, J.H. Brewin, James O.K. Brierley, William Brown, David Burgess, Charles Burrows, Harold Burton, John Carruthers, Sam Cartwright, Ben Chappell, Harry Collins, Sidney H. Collis, Charles Colman, William Colman, John Cooper, Ernest Cropley, William Foden, William Forshaw, Fred Garner, Fred Gaskell, Walter Gibbons, John Gratrix, Jesse Hall, Thomas Hanrahan, James Harper, Walter Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Herbert Hayes, Albert J. Holland, John Horrocks, Arthur J. Howard, George Higginbottom, John W. Hodkinson, Harry Johnson, Gilbert Jones, Jack Jones, Robert Jones, John F. Kay, Fred Key, Samuel Knowles, H. Leigh, John Lowe, John S. Masheder, George Minshull, George Morton, James Morton, Herbert Northrop, H.S. Parker, John Pickering, Edward Pratt, Albert E. Robinson, Frank Robinson, Charles Rowlinson, James Sheeman, John Singleton, James Sleigh, Joseph Stanley, George Stokes, William Stokes, Albert Titterton, Stanley Titterton, Arthur Turner, Walter Turner, Thomas Wakefield, George Want, Alfred Wheeler, James Wright, William Wright, Harry L. Wyche.

“Faithful unto death” 


“Praise the Lord O my Soul, while I live will I praise the Lord” Ps 146 12

Joseph Ablett, James Adams, William Adams, R. Ambler, Fred Arrandale, J.B. Ashworth, James Austin, Fred Baldwin, Harry Baldwin, George Bane, Harry Barnes, G.H. Barnett, George Bath, Arthur Baxter, Norman K. Beard, Ernest Beaumont, Thomas K. Bell, Herbert Beswick, John Billington, Fred T. Boardman, Walter Bollington, L. Booth, Ernest Boswell, Phoenix Boswell, Arthur Boulton, Arthur Bowden, Harry Bower, T. Bradley, William Brearley, Neville Brewin, Henry Brickhill, Harold Brindley, H. Broadbent, F.T. Brocklebank, G. Brocklebank, W.E. Brookes, Stanley Broome, William Brown, John Bruckshw, G.R. Burgess, William Burgoyne, H.L. Burrows, Thomas Burt, Frank Burton, Fred Burton, Frank Cartwright, Alfred Chappell, Harry Chappell (1), Harry Chappell (2), Alfred Charles, Albert Cheetham, Alfred Cheetham, Arthur Cheetham, Charles Cheetham, Ernest Cheetham, John Clays, Frank Cliffe, Herbert Cliffe, James A. Coates, R. Collier, A. Collins, Frank Colman, Edward Cooper, Robert Cooper, E. Cooper, G.H. Cowdray, Henry Cox, P. Craig, A.E. Critchley, Tom Cropley, Sidney Cross, William C. Cross, Harold Crossley, Arthur L. Crowder, Albert Crowther, Charles Crowther, E. Darlington, John Davies, Tom Davies, Frank Dean, Frederick Dean, George Dean, John Dean, John Delooze, Ralph Derbyshire, Josiah Dobson, A. Downing, Frank Downs, S. Dronsfield, Charles H. Duke, H. Dunscombe, John East, Thomas Eastham, H.L. Eccles, J. Eccles, Albert Edwards, H. Elphinstone, Charles Embrey, Alfred Evison, Charles Forshaw, Edwin Forshaw, James Froggatt, J. Froggatt, Harry Garner, Joseph Garner (1), Joseph Garner (2), Frank Gaskell, J.R. Gee, W.H. Gibbons, Harry Gooch, Alfred Goodier, Alfred Goodwin, William Goodwin, Joseph Gore, Herbert Grantham, Thomas Grantham, Walter Grantham, Charles Grimshaw, Henry Grimshaw, Leonard Grimshaw, Ernest Grinham, Alfred Grundey, John Halbert, Arthur Haley, Arthur Hall, Charles Hall, James Halton, R. Hambler, Fred Hampson, Willie Hampson, Charles Harding, William Hardy, J.C. Hargreaves, Fred Harrison, Samuel Harrison, Thomas Hatton, Fred Heaward, George Hemmings, Fred Heywood, John S. Heywood, E. Higginbottom, James Higson, Stanley Hirst, Thomas Hodgson, Frank Holland, William Holland, Stanley Holloway, W.H. Hawkins, Joseph P. Hughes, J. Hughes, William Hughes, John Hulme, Ralph Hulme, Edgar Humphries, John Hunt, E. Hurst, C. Hutchinson, W. Hutchinson, Arthur Hutton, L. Isherwood, John W. Jackson, John Jackson, John A. Jackson, W.H. Jackson, Harry Jebb, Arthur Jenkins, Wilfred Jepson, Fred Johnson, Alfred Jones.


Thomas Kay, John Kearsley, Thomas Kearsley, Robert Kelshaw, T.P. Kershaw, Ernest Kelly, T. Kenworthy, Ernest W. Key, Joseph C. Key, John H. King, Robert King, James Knowles, W. Lancaster, William H. Leah, Alfred Lee, George Leech, J.E.H. Leech, A.G. Lees, Ernest A. Lees, J.T. Lees, E.F. Leggott, Joshua Leggott, James Longson, Samuel Longson, George Lowe, Stewart Lucas, Walter Maddock, Charles Magee, Sidney Magee, Edward Maine, John Marsh, F.S. Massey, Harry Massey, Jack Massey, John Massey (SEN), James McDonough, William Mellor, Ernest Minshull, Thomas Mitchell, James Monks, Joe Moores, John Moores, Arthur Morton, John Morton, John Moss, R. Mottershead, Henry Mottram, G.T. Nicholson, B. Norbury, T. Normansell, Arthur Northrop, G.E. Northrop, Joseph Northrop, Levi Northrop, William Northrop, T. Oldham, H. Orme, Alfred Owen, Fred Owen, William H. Owen, A. Papillon, A. Pennington, Reginald Perkins, Frank Pickering, John T. Potts, William Price, William H. Pugh, James H. Randles, Percy Ratcliffe, W.D. Ratcliffe, Percy Richards, Harry Ridgway, Herbert Rhodes, Robert N. Riley, Harry Roberts, Allan Robinson, Harry Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Samuel Robinson, Sidney Robinson, Arthur Rowlands, Arthur Rowlinson, Joseph Rowlinson, Arthur Roylance, Arthur Rushton, Charles Rushton, William Seel, C. Sharples, H. Shorrocks, Henry Shaw, Herbert Shaw, W.E. Shawcross, Tom Shelmerdine, Thomas Sherlock, Harry Shore, William Simcock, Ernest Singleton, J.H. Singleton, James Slack, John Slack, Walter Slack, Fred Smalley (SEN), Fred C. Smalley, Thomas Smalley, Albert E. Smith, Edgar Smith, George Smith, J.T. Smith, Tom Smith, William Smith, Joseph Snape, Abel Sprawson, John Sprowson, J.W. Sprowson, Herbert Stokes, John C. Stokes, William F. Stokes, Edwin Stubbs, Ernest Stubbs, John Stubbs, Frank Suart, C. Sutcliffe, H. Sutcliffe, W. Sutcliffe, John Sykes, Percy Tatton, John Tharme, J.R. Tharme, S.F. Tharme, W.S. Tharme, Harold Tickle, James H. Tickle, William Tickle, Arthur Tinning, Ernest Thompson, Harold Thompson, John A. Thompson, Thomas Travis, Robert Turner, Alfred Vernon, George Vernon, Harry Wallworth, Samuel Walker, Ephraim Ward, Fred Ward, Harold Ward, George Webb, E. Webster, Edgar E. West, Samuel Wharmby, Alfred Wheeler, John W. Wheeler, Joe H. White, George H. Wilby, G.H. Wilby (SEN), Albert Wilde, Arthur Wilde, Harold Wilkes, Alfred Winston, Fred Winston, A. Wilson, Edward Wilson, Frederick Wilson, Albert E. Wood, Arthur Wood, Charles A. Wood, Harry Wood, John Wood, William A. Wood, H. Worthington, G. Worthington, Sidney Wright, William Wright, J Wyche, R. Yeomans   

We praise thee O God we acknowledge thee to be the Lord

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